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1. Scaling :

Image scaling means resizing of a Digital Image with the Process of Scaling up & Scaling down. Scaling up of a Digital Images makes it larger while Scaling down an Image makes it Smaller. We Provides all types of scaling functions as Raster Image scaling and Vector Image Scaling for an E-Commerce Industry.

2. Cropping:

In E-commerce cropping of an Image is most important part as it removes an unwanted area around the Product so that the focus of the Buyer should be on a Product which will help an E-commerce company to increase the sales. We do provide all types of cropping services to an E-commerce company with best output at nominal Charges.

3. Resizing:

Resizing changes the Pixel formation of an Image which involves changing the size of the Picture without cutting anything out. We do provide all types of Resizing activates which helps the seller to upload an image into the E-commerce portals.

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