Our photos are a remembrance of the beautiful times we have spent with our loved ones over the years. However, these photos might get deleted accidentally if you don’t secure them using the best cloud storage websites. Therefore, using cloud storage for storing your photos is a hassle-free and convenient option.

Why should you use cloud storage?

When you use cloud storage tools, your happiness will not get shattered when you lose your USB key, or your system crashes. As long as you have a steady internet connection, you can access your photos from anywhere via any device including, mobile, laptop, tablet and even a public computer. However, if you don’t want other system users to access your photos, you can restrict their access by setting passwords. And when you want to share your artistic clicks with your close group of friends, you can send them the photos securely via web links generated by the cloud storage websites.

The top 5 cloud storage websites are:

a)Google Photos

As you might know, Google Photos is a free cloud storage provider, and once you sign up for this, it will automatically backup every photo you take. If you agree to its conditions, then it can extract all the new images it comes across on your laptop. Although the features of Google Photos are undoubtedly generous, it might not cater to the set of requirements of professional photographers because it will downscale the high-quality pictures to 16mp versions.

b)Apple I Cloud

Since its launch, Apple I-Cloud has been the favorite of most Apple and Mac-book users. Although it supports other platforms like Windows and iOS, you might face some hassles while integrating your device with this website. You will be able to embed the iCloud within the Mac Finder app to backup all your photos and share them within your network. Although cloud storage is not free, you will initially receive a storage space of 5 Gb after registering on the website.

c) Google Drive

Google Drive needs no introduction as it has made its way in the hearts of millions of users because it allows users to store pictures of any size and resolutions. You will receive 15Gb for free, and if you need more space, you will have to upgrade to the paid plans.


Over the years, Dropbox has maintained its reputation as the most reliable cloud storage website. If you want to organize your image files, you can consider signing up for DropBox for free and getting 2Gb storage. The super user-friendly interface of Dropbox will help you store your files and determine what files are in your device so that you can free some space by deleting the unnecessary images.

e) Microsoft one Drive

You can access this website via Windows, Mac, ios and android devices and can even store the raw images of DSLR. The tool even lets you search for images with the content or theme so that you can find the image you need even amidst a few thousand photos.

Now that you have understood the utmost importance of cloud storage, start backing up your photos by registering with any of the mentioned cloud storage websites.