“A picture says a thousand words”- this phrase is absolutely apt for e-commerce product photography. An appealing image matters when you are selling products online as it is key to catch the attention of the users. The way you present your stuff online will certainly leave a huge impact on visitor’s purchasing decisions. Images are the first thing to which the visitors react before they begin reading the post. Seriously, it can make or break your business. So, here is a basic guide which can help you in creating good quality product photography.


There are two main types of images in e-commerce product photography- product shots and lifestyle photos. Background plays a vital role in leaving an impact on a website visitor. For product-only images, use a clean-cut, white background which helps to create a consistent look. It will make your product the centre of attention and also minimises unnecessary distractions. For in-context or lifestyle photos, show your product within a styled scene, with or without models. It actually gives more detailing of the product to the customers.


For the best quality product photography, you need to invest in some terrific and affordable tools. Get a high-quality DSLR camera to capture quality product photographs. You can also get great pictures with the latest smartphone model. To avoid the distortion that occurs while capturing the clicks, you need a reliable and stable tripod. Apart from these, shooting table, light tent, lightbox are some other types of equipment that are required in e-commerce product photography.


Consistency in e-commerce product photography is vital for the brand image. Its basic purpose is to encourage consumers to come back and shop for the products again from the same website. While uploading multiple images, make sure to set a central theme that ties each product together. Shot the products on the same backgrounds with the same lighting and the same cropping. It will make the online store look more polished and professional and helps in increasing the sales too.

Image Editing

After taking photos, it’s very essential to polish them and make them look professional. For this, you need to learn some great ways to edit your product photography. Make sure to represent your products as accurately as possible. Image editing includes background removal, image cropping, colour correction, adding shadows etc. It would be better if you can hire experts, like Retouching Pics, for editing your images.

SEO Image Optimization

It’s very important to curate images that resonate with your audience. Try to use high-quality file formats such as JPEGs which provides best and the smallest file size. PNGs can be good for extremely small file size & for transparency. Reducing the file size is very essential so that your page load times remain low. At the same organizing, multiple images for optimum viewing is also important. Also, include concise captions, like URLs, with your image. Hope this guide helps you in getting some really awesome product photos.