An image has the potential to speak thousands of words. That is why images have gained high importance to make the website content interactive. Web designers work together with marketers to find the best images that convey the brand message. However, there must be a limit to the image size and the number of photos to be added to your eCommerce website’s page. Without the right image optimization techniques, you cannot find the desired results. Check out 5 reasons for optimizing your digital store’s images.

Loading speed-

You may have started a marketing campaign for your eCommerce store. Now, you like to count the number of page views of your website. What will you do when you find a drop in your page views? One of the major reasons behind it is the slow page loading issue. Your visitors reach your eCommerce website and cannot load the desired pages due to the big images. Compress your images and let your visitors navigate your website smoothly.

Boost web traffic-

The slow loading of pages can affect the rate of flow of web traffic. Therefore, you must not overlook image optimization steps for your eCommerce site. Potential customers can click on your URL and access different pages. You will find a low bounce rate and high traffic flow.

Images consume a large amount of space on your website. While you have optimized them, you can automatically reduce the download time.

Enhanced user experience-

The user experience is another factor related to the faster page loading issue. Users do not like to wait for more than 2 seconds to load a site. Thus, with effective image optimization methods, you can give a better feel to your target users.

Moreover, image optimization specialists also deal with image quality. With high-quality images, you will gain the user’s attention and convince them to buy your products.

Better ranking-

Do you know that Google can track the customer satisfaction rate and bounce rate on your site? Based on the collected data, it will rank your website. When users visit your site and cannot load your pages, they will leave your platform. Google will notice it and lower your SEO rank. That is why image optimization is the ultimate solution to your problems. Moreover, by using Alt tags, you can make your image SEO-friendly. While Google users make image searches, your eCommerce website images can easily appear in the SERP result.

Conversion to sales-

You have already learned that image optimization helps in bringing traffic to your site. As you find a steady flow of traffic, there is a chance of higher conversions and more sales. Moreover, product images play an important role in eCommerce portals. With premium-quality images, you can persuade visitors to purchase your products.

Thus, these are some reasons for which you can look for image optimization services for your eCommerce website. You will find a difference in your revenues due to the increase in sales.